This past year (July 26, 2019), E-40 and Scarface collaborated on the track, ‘Watch The Homies’ on E-40’s latest album, ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. Now, the iconic MC’s have announced plans to team up for an entire album.

On The KDAY Morning Show w/ Cece & Romeo, E-40 dropped the news, ‘We’re doing an EP. Me and Scarface are doing an EP; it’s official. Matter of fact—he said album. ‘Cause I said EP; he said ‘No, Earl. Let’s do an album.‘ I said, ‘It’s official. Let’s do it.’

Apart from The Click, 40 has done two collaboration albums with fellow Bay veteran Too $hort. Last year, he and ‘Click’ co-founder (who is also his cousin) B-Legit released ‘Connected And Respected’. Meanwhile, Scarface has released group work with the Geto Boys, Facemob, and The Product. Rap-A-Lot’s J. Prince spoke to AFH TV about the rumored plans for a Tupac collaborative 2 Face album. Face is also reportedly working on a project with DJ Quik where they both play instruments and rap.

E-40 and Scarface also performed LIVE on the Legends of Hip Hop Tour in Fall (2019) in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Nashville and Memphis.


Source: AFH